The significance of website visitation details page optimization for site optimization

[China Glass Network] Whether a website has value can be reflected in many aspects, and the content of the website is one of its specific values. The content depends on the page. For visitors, coming to the website is not just about the reputation of the website. The brand is more about the content and services on the website. So for our webmasters, we need to analyze the different types of pages to analyze the website and continuously optimize and upgrade.

For the visited details page, the main concern is that the access order can be divided into an entry page and an exit page.

The portal page, the Landing Page, is accessed from the outside (the visitor clicks on an off-site ad, a link to a search results page, or a link on another site) to the front entrance of the site, ie each visit Previous interview page.

Exit the page, which is the last page of this visit to this website, which is the later visited page for each visit.

So how do we judge whether a particular optimization of the interview details is complete and whether the page is valuable? Then we must first understand these indicators:

Contribute to other page views: This indicator can analyze the PV contribution of the interviewed details page for other pages of the whole station. The higher the index, the stronger the PV contribution to other pages. (Note: The interview details page gives the other pages of the entire site, including the cross-domain sites, the sum of the traffic taken.)

Average dwell time: This indicator examines the page viscosity of the details page. The longer the time, the higher the user's preference for the page and the higher the level of attention.

Page View (PV): That is, each visitor opens a website page and records it once. If the user opens it multiple times, the pageview value is accumulated.

So from these we can better see that the higher the PV of the visited details page, the more visits, which will make the contribution to other pages more, and the greater the contribution to other pages of the site. . Therefore, according to these indicators, we need to understand that because of the structural design of the website, some pages will contribute a lot of page views, such as the home page of the website. Therefore, in the optimization of the interview details page, we need to do more, such as the content of the details page, the design of the details page, the static of the details page, SEO and so on. These are all ways to increase the weight of the details page.

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