2012 Katini brand conference interpretation of the medieval luxury tone

Mercedes-Benz China International Fashion Week 2012/2013 autumn and winter series in March 24 to April 1 held in Beijing. This fashion week will feature 46 brands and agencies from home and abroad, 29 Chinese and foreign designers, nearly 400 designers and model rookies will hold 41 special release and 75 professional competition finals at 751D · PARK, Beijing Hotel and other venues. As well as a total of 14 press releases and forums, a total of more than 60 activities. The following is the Katini brand conference, the conference to "Carthage Eagle" as the theme, luxurious tone and medieval "Dark Ages" shiny metal elements with the original passion of the glory of the collision of a stunning rich color combination. 2012 China International Fashion Week: Cartini brand conference 2012 China International Fashion Week: Cartini brand conference 2012 China International Fashion Week: Catini brand conference

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