Into the "Italy" Xenia will release 2012 autumn and winter new products

Business men's first brand Xiniya, will be held in Chengdu on April 10 in 2012 autumn and winter new conference, from across the country more than 1,600 stores will be gathered in the leisure capital, during which Xiniya will release large new catwalk And start a shop fund project and a series of activities. It is reported that this new 2012 autumn and winter Xenia conference will be "the image of Italy" as the theme of a series of new products. The release of the product, inspired by the culture of fashion country Italy. The new series of images and Italy of Xenia, cleverly applying the cultural connotations precipitated by different spaces and different times in Italy to the creation of business clothing, has formed a modern transmission and a true response to the Italian fashion life. The new autumn and winter of 2012 in Sydia also use this as a starting point, the history of Italy, culture and effective integration into product design, from the fabric selection, use of color matching, the application of the elements of the pattern and so on every detail on the theme to make a perfect interpretation of business travel Fashionable mellow and streamlined light and shadow show them. With the increase of modern business travel and leisure work habits, the new business era in the world has come. "Business travel" will replace "travel" and gradually become the mainstream element of fashion concern. For businesspeople who often need to attend different conferences, developing a business suit that fits comfortably and is suitable for business trips, informal business meetings, and fashionable sports and leisure business meetings is a must It is the core strategy that the brand of XINIA dedicates to deep exploration of Business Culture. Xiniya business men advocate business culture, including the elegance, taste, content, history, art and many other design elements. Since its inception, Xiniya has always been based on successful business-oriented business culture as the design concept, with its profound history, culture, rich lines of detail, noble taste, exquisite quality, conquered a large number of simple Rich, understated yet mature, culturally sophisticated and talented 30-45 year-olds. Focus on tailoring and details, taking Italian culture and the depth of the history of the connotation of the characteristics of the design concept of the new siamese men The "image of Italy" as the theme of the conference is about to bloom in Chengdu, Synia will showcase the Roman Empire, Venice Holidays, Milan, three major impression series of new products. Simple and generous, cut lines Slender Roman Empire series, giving a taste of elegance; Venice, "born because of the water, because of the water and beauty," Venice vacation leisure series into the gentle nature of the water line, showing a relaxed and natural Travel dress; of course, fashion series is indispensable, concise and luxurious image Milan also worth looking forward to. This season, Xenia will be with you to enjoy the ancient fashion country - Italy's elegant style! Simple and generous, slender lines, with black, white, gray-based colors, red, green and blue as the auxiliary color of the Roman Empire series "due to the water, because of the water and the United States due to the water Xing" into the water line of Venice Holiday series of simple and luxurious, personalized fashion impression Milan series

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