POSSNEY - From acquaintance to acquaintance

Once I, like many girls, love shopping, like all the fashion things. I used to think that youth is capital, young can chase all dreams, as if nothing can restrain that impulsive heart. When married and have children, with the change of life, that implacable heart also will be years of erosion no longer Smart.

Nowadays, nearly 40 years old, I have long lost their mentality and attitude, children, husbands and family triviality make a once-flowering girl gradually become a temperament-free housewife. The dream no longer exists, the brutal reality of life as dull, the whole person was submerged in a mediocre world, even my sister said that I and the store sister almost.


I remember that day, a friend invited me to go shopping in California Plaza, Xiamen, the message said the third floor of the Plaza held a brand clothing celebration. Friends are a lot smaller than me, a gentle and lovely little woman. In line with the principle of walking we set off. For me, like all commercial plazas, there is not much difference between California Business Plaza and other places. My friend said I lack the passion of life, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh?

The third floor of the California Plaza is the Women's Department, the colorful clothing has long filled my eyeballs, fashion elements, retro elements, ladies, business wear, casual wear, nothing more than these. As she picked her way west, I found a place to rest around. Paul when Ni (POSSNEY), this small shop caught my attention. Elegant clothing style and soft colors make me think of even the imagination Pian, fashion without exaggeration, classic but without losing time.

My glances were cleverly discovered by my friends, and she took me with the aim of enriching my eyes and adding some bright colors to my life. Half-push half so that she was pulled to the front of the Pau Ni. As the saying goes, clothes can only be worn on the body to feel its inherent charm. There is no interpretation of the three-dimensional space and show, clothing is always a flat scroll. Because it was November, I chose a little thick sleeveless plaid dress, Shopping guide carefully with me a mix of wild underwear and shoes. Its comfortable fabrics and meticulous workmanship made me feel like I was back in the era of dreams 10 years ago. Looking at myself in the mirror I can not help but smile on his face, decent and elegant, a stylish and confident urban women show in front of us.

Purchasing Guide introduced to me, POSSNEY is an international brand, according to several well-known design agencies to provide design ideas, fashion and elegant style together, pay attention to fabric comfort and texture, fine workmanship, Simple style, its modest price, excellent quality, but also full of confidence, independence, wisdom and fashion style, is the best choice for urban women aged 28-40 years. Purchasing Guide euphemism and delicate tell me so much about Pik Ni a favorite, I think it has become an inseparable friend. From my friends' tut admiration, I believe I have found a true companion.

Who said a woman to 40 there is no dream, POSSIEY (POSSNEY) let me find self-confidence, I believe in the years to come, we will work together to create a better future.


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