Gelaodi women's new fashion is no longer binding

"GLADITH Ge Laidi" brand originality fashion capital - France Paris!

Timing In the 90s of the last century, with the improvement of consumer tastes and the transmission of fast-paced popular messages, the traditional clothing inertia was completely emancipated and a new demand for consumption derived from "fashion is no longer restrained and leisure is no longer obtrusive" Dominant trend, follow the trend of "under the premise of the immediate introduction of" GLADITH Ge Laodi "brand.


The brand spirit of "GLADITH · Gelaiti" firmly holds the connotation of "individuality creative gorgeous avant-garde" and integrates multicultural clothing trends into the aesthetic concept of "New Century Gelaiti" to fully reflect the multi-life style of women in the new generation of metropolises.

葛来娣女装 全新的时尚已不再拘束

"GLADITH · Ge Laidi" brand in 2000 to enter the Chinese market, it is now 10 years, 10 years of good governance, 10 years of unrelenting efforts, 10 years of trials and hardships, 10 years of silent struggle, Gelilai team step by step down to earth come.

"GLADITH · Ge Laidi" team will continue to uphold the integrity, objectivity, dedication, dedication of the faith will never change. We have a passion, young, kind heart side by side, our team has a common vision and goals, beliefs and the pursuit of the ideal and beautiful life of the common desire to care for each other, mutual encouragement and common development. In GeDiDi this homeland, we accept the nourishment and remodeling of the corporate culture. It gives us new ideas, new ideals and we will grow with it no matter where we are. We firmly believe that Gelaitian people will certainly be better tomorrow.

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