The technical advantages of LED bulbs will further enha…

Aluminum heat sinks for common processing methods, metal aluminum heat sinks commonly used for LED bulbs, characteristics of common aluminum heat sinks. Thermal conductivity (W/km) combined with non-metallic radiators. Non-metallic heat sinks are mainly plastics and ceramics. Classes and graphites ----more

NE·TIGER and National Ambassadors to China Celebrate 2…

Have friends come from afar. With a happy ending on the Mid-Autumn Festival, on September 6, 2014, China’s Public Diplomatic Association, together with Qiao Fongfang Grassland and China’s top high-end fashion brand NE·TIGER, invited all diplomats in Beijing to meet in Beijing†----more

This Feel times to cool open skirt Show slender legs

Bennett September 5th, September, gorgeous dress for the season! Breeze, what skirts and dresses are out! Now you have to work in the details of the skirt, long skirt side Not only can the slits cover some minor shortcomings of the legs, but they are very elegant and cool. They swing from time to ----more

Peng Yanming, General Manager of Guangzhou Deyi Clothin…

At the time of the full moon, BERNIEELEN Bernice Inn wished the family a sweet and sweet life. Every year, everything goes smoothly. Every month and every month goes smoothly. Every day is happy and happy. Everyone is happy and happy. Shun Jiaxing! Dear Deyi family: "Osmanthus is full of fra ----more

British fashion wig brand MyStery franchise store

Hangzhou Tower: 2nd Floor, Block C, Hangzhou Tower, No.1 Wulin Square, Hangzhou Wulin Yintai Store: 4th Floor, Wulin Yintai, No. 530 Yan'an Road, Hangzhou, China West Lake Yintai Store: 3F, West Lake Yintai, 98 Yan'an Road, Hangzhou, China Beijing Xinguang Store: B, Xinguangtiandi, Dawan ----more

Method of identifying twilight jade

The method of identifying twilight jade: 1. Infrared spectroscopy is used to check the small cracks of the jadeite. The natural jadeite will be found in the presence of adsorbed water at 1500~1700cm-1 and 3500~3700cm-1, while the enamel jade will not be found to be ads ----more

On August 29th, the stars of the Wanda - AILAIZI Ai Lai…

On the opening day of August 29th, there will be a series of exciting events: the World Lion Kings of the British will be the decisive battle of Wanda, Joey Yung, Zhong Shuman signature party, rock and roll rave party, international music appreciation dance Lin Hui (China Station), thousands of big ----more