Iraqi self-sexy women turn long chest sleeves hit the Dutch version of the coat fresh market

Yi Zi Shang, a pursuit of fashion, sexy, elegant, personality of the women's brand, from the trend of European and South Korean fashion style, hunting Chinese and foreign fashion art inspiration, and with thousands of romantic style of the European atmosphere and generous free and easy Oriental intellectual soft, Maverick, extraordinary refined. Bohemian Bohemian exotic sentiment and respect for the beautiful nature, a better life, contains the romantic elegance of European costumes and has the delicate sophistication of South Korea's costumes. "Iraq Zi Shang" blend of trendy and practical in one to Qingli The natural color of the tone, changing styles, full of personality but not assertive.A kind of culture built on the basis of the atmosphere without losing the atmosphere, dignified and elegant, with perfect color and details of the decoration adds a woman's elegance Charm. Yi Zi will retro, classic and modern, fashion integration, avant-garde yet elegant, fashion and leisure, designed to create a beautiful young women, confident youth image, reflecting the urban women passion, dynamic, high-grade fashion . Coupled with the selection of sophisticated fabrics, so that you in the pursuit of fashion, simple, generous, comfortable, relaxed at the same time full of youthful vitality.

Polar Fleece Blanket

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