Pearl and dress clever match

The sleek and bright pearls are indispensable accessories for wedding accessories. How to make the perfect match between wedding dress and pearl accessories?

First of all, the style of pearl jewelry is divided into: ring, earring, necklace, bracelet, brooch, pearl string, etc., can be matched with various styles of wedding dresses. Taking the pearl chain as an example, it is very suitable for a wedding dress with a neckline, a thin shoulder strap, a shoulder strap and a cup. With the pearl chain, it not only highlights the beautiful lines of the bride's neck, but also Can add a noble and elegant temperament of wedding dresses.

The long bead string has the finishing touch when wearing a halter-style wedding dress. When the bride wears a halter dress, she can wear a long bead string to make a variety of changes, such as wearing a long bead string with a scarf-like draping method, or wearing a bead string in a gradual manner behind the dress. Let the pearls have a natural drape effect, making the bride's back curve more beautiful.

As for the matching skills of wedding dresses and pearl ornaments, we must first determine the main points of accessories and dresses. If the bride wears a simple style of pearl jewelry, then you can choose a style of fancy wedding dress; if the bride chooses the jewelry style is more luxurious The style of the wedding dress is elegant.

In addition, the pearl can also be directly applied to the design of the dress, for example, in the neckline, cuffs and waist of the wedding dress, with the pearl as the key embellishment, and the veil part is decorated with pearls is also very beautiful! As long as you master the characteristics of pearls, pearls are the best partner for wedding dresses!

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