Baosleidi Men's Wear - Spring/Summer 2013 New Collection

Baosleidi men's clothing is characterized by cutting-edge, fashion and personality trends, supplemented by urban lifestyle fashion and leisure. Emphasis on quality, comfort, fashion and casual style suitable for different occasions. Focusing on functionality, collocation, occasionality, humanity, and detailing of the local modelling, the series is organized in groups, focusing on details such as styles, colors, fabrics, and processing techniques, and organically combining the characteristics of the accessories.

Baosleidi Men's Wear - Spring/Summer 2013 New Collection

Baosleidi Men's Wear - Spring/Summer 2013 New Collection

Color: Black, white, and gray are the main lines, and the seasons are embedded in fashionable colors.

Fabrics: green, pure natural worsted cotton, mulberry silk, wool, hemp as the leading fabric, and supplemented with functional functional fabrics

Baosi Redi Men's Brand Product Line:
Baosleidi men's fashion trend series: bold and avant-garde changeable, highly innovative design. The color jumps more, highlighting personality and fashion. Pursue trend, promote healthy, relaxed and free lifestyle. It is mainly made of natural fibers and supplemented with a proper amount of functional fabrics to make it more comfortable to wear.

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