Beetle House wish children all over the country, "61" Happy Children's Day

Today is June 1, 2013, Children's Day! Beetle house children's wear, I wish the size of friends across the country, 61 Happy! Lollipop mood, a lot of fun, always have endless sweets! Because of the love and support of children and mothers and daughters, beetle house children's clothing has become infinite vitality, vibrant, charming! A variety of styles, excellent quality, first-class service is the market and consumers beetles praise and affirmation. With excellent design concept and good management philosophy, beetle house children's clothing industry over the years to maintain a stable and rapid development, to 2013, has been in major cities across the country, laying nearly 400 Direct, joined the shop so that More and more children enjoy Beetle House excellent products and excellent service. Beetle House since its inception, has been consumer-centric, market-oriented, adhere to the "original brand of children's clothing in China" road, take the natural ecology of cotton and linen as raw materials for production, with the most popular jigsaw , Patchwork, embroidery and other artistic expressions, integration of "green, comfortable, environmental protection, harmony" and other design concepts, continuous development and innovation, with a section of outstanding products, care of children immature skin, enjoyable interpretation of children's innocence and Taste! Beetle house children's clothing 2013 spring and summer series beetle house children's clothing 2013 spring and summer series Children's happiness is beetle House's happiness! Care, care of children's healthy growth is beetle house children's wear never tireless pursuit!

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