In love with time shaping plastic underwear highlights the charm and style of woman

Timely Love According to the Chinese women's body characteristics and market demand, to adjust and maintain a beautiful and healthy female body as their responsibility, showing the most perfect product, highlighting the charm of women style and glorious, celebrating the sexy and fashionable brand so that women make extraordinary achievements, let Confidence and charm bloom light.


Brilliant purple combination of fashion printing elements, underwear should keep up with the trend of fashion. Surrounded by tall, wide side than the effective underarm deputy milk and fat gather to the chest, beautify the side and back lines, creating a very, rounded, full chest curve.

依时恋塑形内衣  彰显魅力女人风采与光芒

Full coverage of the cup of the chest will be a comprehensive, gentle care, high-eared Aberdeen and wide pull, mention a care, the interaction between the two to avoid sagging breast shape, the perfect shape of the chest curve, and the use of dark color Gray department, although it can highlight the steady side of women, but Xiaobian think it is too depressed.

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