Yiwu shoes textile products lost in Egypt meet new regulations

Yiwu shoes textile products lost in Egypt meet new regulations Egypt has recently issued a new regulation on the import and export of goods and has formulated different customs rules for two major categories of products. The first products are finished products such as shoes, bags, clothing, home textiles, carpets and floor coverings; the second products are intermediate products such as natural leather, artificial leather, footwear and accessories, textiles and dyed yarns.

The new regulations stipulate that the first type of products can be cleared in the following three ways: One is based on Egypt's import and export commodity inspection and supervision law, and producers must register with the GOEIC. The second is that the goods must be accompanied by an accredited inspection and examination certificate, including shipping data, inspection and test results, etc. The above shall comply with the Egyptian accreditation standards. . The third is that the inspection and examination certificate can be issued by an Egyptian testing agency or a foreign agency. However, the agency must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Egypt, and has an approved standardization laboratory and testing capability of relevant products. GOEIC will randomly sample imported goods. . The second category of products may be released according to the implementation of the relevant import and export cargo regulations in Egypt, but the relevant testing fees must be paid.

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