Monty Elmo business casual pants dream Bazaar pursuit of the perfect quality of the details

The beauty of men lies in their grasp of quality and detail, and successful business men are followers and practitioners of perfectionism without exception. Pay attention to the quality of the masculinity is the performance, and attention to detail is the pursuit of the heart of a man's call. Dream Men's underwear brand Monty Erem business casual pants to grasp the details of excellence, crafted focus to Monty 埃莫 more professional. Placket at the top quality YKK metal zipper, with automatic locking function, you can manually lift or press the zipper used to lock the zipper, so that the slider is not easy to slide; Montiel Mo design team, after repeated improvements Exquisite, designed the most suitable for Asian body pants, the perfect man to create the bodybuilding leg lines; the same time, in order to enrich the product content, increase the product's fashion aesthetics, the introduction of four sets of waist design fully fit the brand understated Not vulgar, fashion is not assertive, steady but without losing the design of the idea; Pants sewing head with all inclusive processing, clean and tidy, without leaving a trace of procrastination, give full consideration to the comfort of human dress. 100% Tencel silky smooth classic pants Tian silk fabric smooth, drape, with a special silky elegant, a sense of bone, soft and elastic, brightly colored, shiny, wet and breathable, skin-friendly good. Use of wood pulp cellulose patented by the original weave technology extracted natural expensive Tencel fiber, cotton more than 50% water absorption, strong humidity regulation, to reduce the effect of bacterial growth, is the most A skin-friendly raw materials, but also many international brands favorite clothing raw materials, this material to wear people with texture, smooth, noble feeling. 100% Tencel slacks, drape extremely excellent, both wrapped in a silhouette of the man, will attract a lot of attention. Smooth natural color sewing thread, the pants body has excellent decorative effect, calm and generous, clear and handsome, smooth and bright, quietly will outline the three-dimensional dynamic body dimensions, put on him, do not need to dress up, naturally revealed Confident genteel. Medium thin thickness, suitable for spring, summer and autumn wear, silky texture, easy to care, and close to the skin to wear it will experience its smooth, full of texture, comfort, noble feeling. Striped Tencel Cotton Narrow Leg Fashion Casual Pants 40% Lyocell 60% cotton blended fabric with a soft, soft, and skin-friendly finish that is soft and wrinkle resistant. It also has good moisture absorption, moisture absorption, Suitable for spring and summer wear. Lyocell fiber commonly known as "Tencel" to natural plant fiber as raw material, is a new textile, apparel fabrics, green and environmentally friendly fiber, it has a natural gloss, feel smooth, high strength, dimensional stability, and moisture permeability , Good air permeability and other characteristics. Advanced Lyocell fiber blend casual pants, cool, breathable, gray striped fabric fashion young and handsome, visually stretching the proportion of the legs, hip bag hip narrow three-dimensional cut design, the perfect body shaping the man's leg lines, imitation cowboy style more A stylish casual personality, so that the texture of pants more prominent, for you to create a handsome young male image.

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