Jia Mia women's ordinary luxury women's enjoyment

Camia Gaia GIRL Camia originated from the world of clothing, the Kingdom of Italy, Camia clothing is an international fashion trend leading, Jia Mia interpretation of "taste fashion, free personality," the high fashion brand, GAIA GIRL transliteration: (Gaia) The goddess of the earth in ancient Greek mythology has the mother of gods, the body of the earth. Her all-encompassing, with a very happy and free longing elements.


Carmiya GAIA GIRL Italian brand, adhering to the Western fun of freedom and personality, but also combines the elegance of the East and elegant women, is the perfect combination of Eastern and Western cultures, so fashion taste of fashion elements, is interpreted in the Camia dress Most vividly, personality, fashion elements clever mix, Jia Mia costumes demonstrate the unique charm of oriental women, Jia Miya GAIA GIRL show noble, elegant in one temperament.

嘉米娅女装 平凡女性的奢华享受

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