Secret language interpretation - choose the appropriate bra under the chest type

18-year-old girl into the stereotypes of breast development stage, before the age of 18 if you do not wear professional girl underwear , it will cause the imperfect development of the chest, and this time the girl breast can also be adjusted in the slow development, then we can According to the chest to pick the right underwear.

Half spherical chest

Breast border was clearly spherical, supine can see the obvious breast curve.

Suitable for underwear: no rims, bottom area larger full cup bra best.

Reason: hemispherical thoracic breast softer, choose a full cup bra can all breasts into the bra, to prevent the sagging of the chest.

PS: like wearing a steel underwear people, built using full-rimmed steel cup underwear, but still have to pay attention to whether the full retractable and large bottom area, so as to support the chest.

Pick lingerie key words

1. No mat or thin pad or full cup, supporting the entire chest, feeling comfortable and stable.

2. Strap thicker, to avoid spaghetti straps too heavy to form a dent in the shoulder.

3. Not suitable: bra is too small bra.


Two petite chest

The lower edge of the breast forms an angle of less than 90 with the chest wall. The downward curve formed by the breast is obvious, standing tall and slightly vertical.

Suitable for underwear: under the thick 3/4 cup underwear.

Reason: Petite-shaped chest girls can use lingerie to achieve the fullness of the illusion, which in turn has a concentrated effect or plus more padded effect.

PS: pad can be used to make the chest rounded, or choose water underwear, to create a full and natural chest curve.

Pick lingerie key words

1. Inside the cup plus rim, with a thicker under the liner.

2. "Sidebones" design, can help both sides of the muscle into the cup, enhance fullness.

3. Not suitable to wear full cup bra.

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