Sweet knit sweater how to wear out soft Meng sister temperament

Into the sunny spring, like fresh you still want to take a fresh route? High star mix score worthy of our good taste, different levels of color mix, the use of dark single product and balance. Want to create soft Mo sister-like atmosphere, from the most basic sweater to start it. There are many options for this.


Thousands Mall 2013 autumn and winter series

Fresh grass green grass is naturally soft sister's favorite, what kind of loving motif is also a must-have sweater elements. In the color is also extremely sweet, pink, white composition of the most fantastic color mix. Furry texture, bat sleeves design is to make meat sister can also boldly wear upper body!


Thousands Mall 2013 autumn and winter series

In addition, asymmetric stitching color design is also a good choice Oh! Blue, white, red three-color combination, under the asymmetric ingenuity, showing another weird temperament oh! Otaku to attract the attention of men naturally. But the streets of early spring but eye-catching treasure.

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