March wear what clothes YaYing geometric rhythm of early spring

Spring and summer 2014, the introduction of geometric elements of the major brands of women's design, will us into a glitzy pattern world. EP Ya Ying 2014 spring also introduces the geometric elements of women's design.

爱丽娜米罗 - Elena Mirò

Playful chessboard, classic stripes ... ... the illusion of geometry can always create one after another visual effects, or body modification, or the use of different materials, the design interpretation of changeable style.

三月份穿什么衣服  雅莹早春几何韵律

Spring 2014 EP Ya introduce the illusion of magic into the women's design, irregular color dress dotted School Girl and Mature Mature, checkered gingham fabric tops create sports Mix futuristic style.

三月份穿什么衣服  雅莹早春几何韵律

Navy striped navy motif has always been favored by major brands, EP Ya Ying 2014 spring will be the navy blue and white stripes instead of the classic black and white, leisurely Slim black and white striped pants with cream-colored suits, 尽显 career style.

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