7 conventional weapons necessary for sales personnel

[China Glass Network] "He can have nothing in his world, even life, only three, but not a moment can not survive - friends, women and wine" He is the ancient dragon, with "7 weapons" sleepwalking in poetry Happy, enmity, and proud of the rivers and lakes!

Walking in the mall, you have the following 7 kinds of weapons, not only can you get rid of the bad luck, but also can control the source, such as the fish:

Front weapon: longevity sword

Although business cards and image packaging are commonplace topics, they are often ignored by frontline business people. For industrial products companies, sales personnel are a more important window for corporate image display and an important part of the enterprise VI system. Beautifully designed business cards, decent dressing and behaving are undoubtedly the basic “knocks-on” for salespeople to sell successfully – no matter how difficult, they can laugh and show you and the positive image of the company to the customer.

Second weapon: Peacock

Corporate videos, brochures (including corporate qualifications, etc.), magazine advertisements and interviews are powerful tools and vehicles for salespeople to show their corporate image, cultural philosophy and industry status to potential customers and distributors. Targeted display can quickly win the trust of customers and accelerate the sales process - strong corporate strength is the guarantee of product quality, is the source of customer confidence.

The third weapon: Jasper knife

The product brochure provides a complete picture of the products and solutions offered by the company. The sales staff can provide in-depth explanation and communication of the solutions that can be provided according to the customer's needs, grasp the actual purchasing requirements of the users and promote the sales progress. The real solution is the cornerstone of sales success.

Fourth weapon: Overlord gun
Product introduction PPT presentation materials are the tools that fully demonstrate the differentiated advantages of enterprise products to customers, and are the finishing touch to make your products stand out from the crowd. A clear and contrasting PPT will thoroughly establish a “choice standard” for cost-effective products in the audience's subconscious. - There is no courage to make a battle.

Fifth weapon: fist

Typical application cases and related certification materials (authority certification, customer feedback, etc.) are resources that every enterprise has. Carefully excavating and sorting out optimizations has become a “killer” that can impress customers. Sometimes, the sales staff spoke a lot about the strength of the company, the advantages of the product to the customer, the tired and half-dead, but only understand the words, but a customer's familiar application case can often make his eyes Bright, listen to the relish...

Sixth weapon: parting hook

A product model, a sample or a small gift that a customer likes can often deepen the customer's impression of the company, the product and your personal, and deepen the feelings. If used well, create an opportunity for the next meeting. Steps to sell successfully and bury your foreshadowing - business is not just about buying and selling, investing in feelings, you not only have achievements, but also friends!

Seventh weapon: passionate ring

The business management form system is something that the salesperson who likes to “walk the world” and “drunken in the sand” is more hateful and disdainful. It is often thought that these are the company’s marketing department designed to “control” themselves and “supervise” themselves. In fact, the real sales expert understands: “There is no rule, no way”—the “freedom” without the standard of the system is not true freedom, people are inert, and the free-spirited “goat-style” management will only ruin the sale. The opportunity for people to grow up has ruined the future of their career.

Therefore, actively cooperate with company management and assessment to form a good work style, not only can optimize collaboration and cooperation with various departments, effectively improve individual sales performance, but also can continuously summarize and learn, quickly improve themselves and obtain more development opportunities.

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