Highlighting the temperament, from inside and outside the prince's dynamic youth lingerie hot investment

Highlight the temperament, from the inside out! Prince dynamic youth lingerie hot family investment, the Prince family autumn and winter warm series listed, so you warm and romantic over the winter! Italy's romantic charm, so that people around the world indulge! Valentiuo Garavoni, a 200-year-old clothing brand was born in this romantic country.


In 2000, Valentiuo Garavoni Co., Ltd., in order to adapt to the trend of globalization in the apparel industry and expand its brand line and global market share, decided to enter into a strategic partnership with "Yihaijin" Garment Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province to establish "Italy Princes family apparel brand marketing center ", is responsible for" princes family "fashion sexy lingerie production and sales in China by the Italian headquarters to participate in the construction of the brand and the concept of international clothing trends information transmission," a sea "Clothing Co., Ltd. for China Market for more localized version of the shape adjustment and product concept improvement work, combined with ergonomics, human health, human aesthetics, using France, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Japan and other domestic and foreign best fabrics, so that each Products can reflect the perfect lines for women.

凸显气质,由内而外 皇子家族青春动感内衣火热招商

Brand appeal ---
For the attention to the quality of life and the details of the lives of women and was born, a new European style of the wind "luxury, fashion, temptation," explained most vividly.
Brand interpretation---
Elegant and mysterious, but also add sexy style, romantic luxury show uninhibited style.
A tempting brand, born for women who pay attention to the quality of life and the details of life.
Brand Positioning---
"Prince of the family" designed for 25 to 45-year-old white-collar workers or taste the success of tailored women design,
Regularly launch different models of new products to meet the needs of consumers.

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