Zhuo Ying with the charm of youth to attract more and more advocating the perfect modern woman

Zhuo Ying brand clothing Co., Ltd. was founded in China, Beijing. Is a design, production, sales and service in one of the modern comprehensive large-scale garment enterprises. A modern production equipment processing workshop, and vigorously introduce a variety of high-end professionals, to create a positive corporate high-quality core team.


Over the years, Zhuo Ying companies with keen market perspective, and actively grasp market opportunities, establish a new marketing idea. At the same time, we actively design and develop with the international trend of synchronization, easy to mix and match different styles of clothing to meet consumer demand for innovation, seeking differences, seeking individuality. With a new marketing system and first-class products, the whole society and consumers recognized.


Zhuo Ying "ZhuoYing" brand, savings for many years brand management strength, profound knowledge of Chinese women into the thin, small and medium cities in the country has opened chain stores, with the franchisee to achieve a total profit, a total of a virtuous circle of growth. Zhuo Ying brand design to learn the international fashion elements, adhering to crafted, simple and smooth lines, classic and elegant, the pursuit of excellence in design. Clever use of color matching and naturally tailored to show the intellectual simplicity of women, gentle inner temperament. Make the dress mature in the distribution of youthful charm, elegant atmosphere contains fashion. Zhuo Ying will use the charm of youth to attract more and more advocating the perfect modern woman.

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