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Early winter afternoon, the sun dappled, soft light swaying the child's body, silhouetted against the stars halo. Smiling walking along the sun, the children are happy. In this comfortable autumn, the Sunshine Tunnel will be a little memory of childhood memories of children, cut out of gorgeous colors. Soft sunshine, the gap in the wood shuttle, eloquent photos on the naive face of the child. Smile is true, bright sunshine. Jingle cats will be full of love given to children, such as the afternoon sun shining into the childhood world, an instant, brilliant children's colorful childhood. Thank you for cats, thank sunshine! Jitters cat Autumn / Winter 2011 The Jittrunk cat brand was born in 1999. It is based on the minimalist aristocratic style of the Mediterranean Italy, and is designed for stylish children aged 2-16 in the city. Products include T-shirts, shirts, jackets, Jacket, vest, cotton jacket, down jacket, jeans, sportswear, windbreaker, trousers, skirts, sweaters and various accessories.It emphasizes diversified collocation, with fresh, bright, bright and elegant environmental protection as the basic color Department, advocating natural, comfortable, environmentally friendly, personalized leisure taste .12 years, belongs to the "Doraemon cat" memory silently surging. "Doraemon" 12 years classic brand myth, dazzling under the bright starry sky in children's clothing market Light! More children's clothing trend information, all in !

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