Star Demonstration: Autumn/Winter 2011 Fashion & Ankle Boots (I)

Ben Wang reported on November 14, and ankle boots as the popular boots for autumn and winter of 2011, which are popular with female stars. The shooting rate in street shooting is extremely high, even in any season. This may be due to the fact that the ankle boots are super-practical and have a variety of styles. At the same time, they are very versatile boots. Therefore, it is often used by fashionistas who like to do tricks on dressing techniques. Do an example of an off-season collocation.

In autumn and winter of this year, the trend of bandages and ankle boots is hot. Stars like Nicky Hilton, Elizabeth Olsen, Jessica Alba love this style. The open toe and ankle boots also have a high frequency of appearance, Jessica Biel, Bar Refaeli wear a feminine feminine, and Katherine Heigl The exquisite leopard prints and ankle boots, Lindsay Lohan's Walter Steige high-heeled ankle boots and many more are just some of the best this year.

This autumn and winter, fashion you are ready to lose a few pairs and ankle boots? Take a look at the latest star demo recently, maybe it can help you smoothly join the "and ankle boots" family Oh!

Jessica Alba

Simple sweaters and jeans with a full range of street children, a scarf is the icing on the cake. "Sweet and Hot Mom" ​​seems to especially love the camel straps and ankle boots, echoing with the beautiful hair color.

Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning's collocation is typical of anti-seasonal collocations. Gray short T-shirt and black cowboy, but also simple and competent. Catch a colorful geometric worker scarf, and a brown tassel heel and nude boots, the best is the hair of the disc is youthful and playful.

Katherine Heigl

This camel-coloured coat sleeves and collar are the highlights of the design and it's a great range of styles. In order to match the leopard pattern and ankle boots, the materials on the shoes are also very successful.

Lindsay Lohan

Blacks, black hot pants, black jackets, black bags, black boots, a black Lindsay Lohan, with a sense of artistic Walter Steige black and ankle boots flew full fashion sense, European and American street shooting range of children are superb.

Miranda Kerr

Supermodel Miranda Kerr's dress looks like a tall figure. The shirt shirt and suit jacket are casual and natural, and the color of the looming shirt corresponds to the jeans. A pair of earth colors and bare boots make the overall feeling great.

Bar Refaeli

Ink blue leather short with black leather pants, the overall handsome. The waist brown belt decorated with the brown fish mouth heels on the feet is echoing very well.

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