Clarinet, let me transform career woman


Franchisee: Ms. Cai joined the testimonials: British beauty , business is booming!

Yingzi beauty, a Chinese Fashion underwear chain leading brand, a beautiful operation, to share the joy of excellence brand. I have been optimistic about the underwear industry, with the fashion of underwear, women are now more stress on the underwear, the closet is no longer enough to change the underwear so simple, plus the underwear are the period of use, the frequency of female replacement Increasingly, to join the underwear industry, I also aspire to win!

I chose to join the British beauty, let me taste the sweetness of the newborn calf, when my husband supported me to open underwear shop, I just hope I can do something to pass the time, I also hope that subsidies can point home just did not expect to do a do not stop Down Underwear shop business is not bad, has been wondering about the fine decoration, coincides with the company brand upgrade, a unified image design, systematic annual program of activities, from the event poster design to the display of goods, the company has a reasonable planning, but also strengthened Supervisor regularly under the shop's Training guide. The company's pioneering work, so I really relaxed a lot after this, underwear brand walking track of their own development is also full of confidence.

In short, I am really grateful to her for her accomplishments today. From a dwelling housewife, I transformed myself into a woman who pursued her career. Favolite brand hand in hand underwear , is my greatest honor, I sincerely wish that the British beauty underwear brand can develop better and better.

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