Talent Men's interpretation of a new era, "true talent"

Changes in the times lead to changes in people's lifestyle, while apparel is for consumers, it is bound to upgrade with lifestyle, status, and content changes in order to enhance the functionality of product and brand services. Faced with diversified and individualized market demands, the famous Chinese brand, Talented Men, tries to lead the trend of civilization in the era on the basis of inheritance and declares to the world in a fashionable language: the cultural power of Chinese genius and the charm of clothing. Talented men have always adhered to the vision of building the No.1 brand of Chinese culture. Over the years, a series of promotion of brand activities has given full play to their culture. At the same time, the traditional Chinese cultural elements have been introduced in product design and have also been gradually seen by people in and outside the industry Talented men in the determination of building a Chinese culture brand and action. Looking at the development of the talented men over the past decade, we can also find that the genius does not stick to the essence of China's original traditional culture alone. Its brand value concept is constantly enriched by the progress and development of the times. Its transformation and innovation are spreading from its development path The evolution of wit language is evident. From "men of brewing on the hero, wit to win the world" to "view the world know the world, without revealing the edge"; from "men into the beautiful era" to "talented and have the talent" to "relying on the wisdom of the world", each The advertising slogans of these periods all reflect the ideal and pursuit of the mainstream consumers in that era to varying degrees, as well as the vision and cultural connotation of the genius itself, and extend the definition of win. In 2013, the talented man Tony Leung Chiu-wei version of the latest commercial came out, "wear wit, real genius, wit to win the world" with a more friendly and more grounded appeal to meet with hundreds of millions of viewers, with the nature of nature, nature, character, Win the world sublimation to win their own, to win the self-affirmation of the heart. As can be seen, this is also the result of continuous exploration by enterprises that have genius men's clothing for 30 years, and is the first exploration of the future strategic transformation of talented men. Talented men not only in the slogan clearly launched the concept of "true genius", but also in 13 consecutive brand promotion activities will be "true genius" - nature, with the nature, adhere to the true character of the pursuit of success, the concept of self-worth Keep deepening. "On behalf of the core value of the brand" Genius to win the world "More fit with the new characteristics of the times: to guide the fashion consumer culture, to create fashionable consumer brand value experience, to create the genius of the era of personality and quality of this series of brand action Behind the various characteristics of the real genius just after the rise of the new generation of men's consumer chase after the free fashion, emphasizing the spiritual world and the dual fulfillment of the characteristics of material properties match.In order to better convey the concept of true genius, With the "men loaded" strong combination to create a genius Men's 2014 fashion blockbuster "wit to win the world" - "I am a genius in me, I am a genius," the large-scale cooperation projects, invited domestic stars Zhonghan Liang, Lin Feng, Bosco depth interpretation of " Concept, the official opening of the genius men's transformation of fashion, young first shot for the genius of men, it is not just a line with international fashion and Chinese aesthetics of fashion, is in line with the Chinese man's spiritual needs and temperament training image Dress, but also the height of the era of Chinese men, it not only to create an era of clothing But also the trend of the brand, but also to inject the core values ​​of the brand into the era, pay more attention to the inner pursuit of consumers in the face of fast fashion strikes, just as talented Chinese men, also prepared to fight, and from the brand, product , Markets and other aspects of positive change, I believe in 2014, T-shirt men will show more remarkable changes.

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