"Cocoa duck agents chapter": Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau "cocoa duck kingdom"

Lead: Guizhou as a Begonia autumn leaves, another example of a green lotus leaf, inlaid in the southwestern Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau east slope. Her east Hunan, south Guangxi, west of Yunnan, north of Sichuan and Chongqing. Southwest hinterland of China is a bearing something, connecting North and South land transport hub, an important channel south to the sea. Today, let us enter the cocoa duck Guizhou Province, Mr. Zheng Shangjin, into his "cocoa duck kingdom" dream. See Zheng always, always be infected by his passionate smile. His smile as a spring breeze to make people feel bright. In May 2013, Zheng joined the cocoa duck's dream team. We were conquered by the style of work that was done by Mr. Zheng in a resolute fashion. Driven by his efforts, cocoa duck children's clothing shops mushroomed in this colorful land of Guizhou. Just seven months, cocoa duck shop to open a month at the speed of rapid development. Strong advertising, so that cocoa duck to Guizhou, it has become a well-known small star. "My Magic Childhood" became familiar to children's advertising language. "Cocoa duck QQDUCK" is also full of imagination of the brand culture, strong warm parent-child emotion and fashion health and environmental protection of the international quality, won the Guizhou children and parents love and praise.

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