Down jacket cleaning tips

Down jacket cleaning tips

Down jackets are one of the essential cold winter clothes. Because of the down jacket's performance and material quality, the price is not low. Therefore, the correct down jacket cleaning method can better extend the service life of the down jacket, which also makes more expensive down jacket has more use value.

First, on the cleaning method: Everyone likes to send down jackets to the dry cleaners for dry cleaning. In fact, the best down jacket cleaning method is to wash by hand at home. Careful people can find that 90% of the labels on the inner lining of down jackets are indicated to be hand-washed and should not be dry-cleaned. A lot of people figure things, directly down the clothes down to the washing machine, in fact, this is very harmful to the down jacket, because the mechanical twisting will cause the thickness of the fill of the down jacket uneven, let the clothes go out of shape, and some even let Feather jumped out and it affected beauty. Therefore, when cleaning down jackets, be sure to use a soft-bristled brush or a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the dirty area. Note, try not to rub the down jacket with your hand.

Second, on the water temperature: cleaning down jacket and everything else is the same, the temperature is too high too low will not work. The best cleaning jacket water temperature is about 30 degrees, which is slightly lower than the usual body temperature, this temperature will not damage the down jacket and also conducive to further cleaning.

Third, on the cleaning agent: It is best not to use washing powder washing down jacket, because the detergent is alkaline, and down belongs to the protein fiber class, the two encountered together easily make the down jacket lose warmth. The strong alkaline detergent, if not rinsed clean, will cause some damage to the down jacket, and easy to keep white traces on the surface of clothing, affecting the appearance. It is best to use neutral detergents, such as neutral silk net or special down jacket lotion. If you want to remove alkaline cleaners, add a few tablespoons of vinegar in warm water and soak for a while.

Fourth, on the drying: After the down jacket is cleaned, be sure not to wring dry water. In fact, all the clothes are the same, and they can't be screwed. This makes the clothes easy to break and easy to use. After washing, you can squeeze out the moisture along the lines, wait until the moisture squeezes almost, then tile or hang to dry, pay attention not to exposure to the sun, in a ventilated place can be dried, can also do quickly. Do not iron after the jacket has dried. If you feel that fluffyness is not enough, you can use the hanger to gently tap on the bed. It will soon be restored.

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