Beautiful wedding shoes are comfortable and natural

[ Benefits - shoes and life] BIG DAY the same day, the bride is absolutely the focus of attention, regardless of hair accessories, makeup, bag or shoes, all in the eyes of guests. At this time, the bride is actually very hard. They usually stand every hour after hour. Whether it's a welcome, a good location, or a toast on the feast, the bride never seems to sit down and rest, so picking a pair of comfortable wedding shoes is extremely important. By following the simple steps below, brides can avoid honeymooning on their feet. Don't let a pair of wedding shoes that put on your feet hurt your wedding.

first step

Don’t think wedding shoes must be brand new. In the weeks before the wedding, remember to wear your wedding shoes and walk around on different grounds near your home. Don't wait until the last moment, because your delicate feet and shoes will take time.

Second step

Simulate the ceremony and stand in a wedding shoe for a while to see if your feet feel comfortable. In addition, in general, normal people will have a little foot and a pair of half-size cushions, which will make your feet and shoes fit and feel more comfortable.

third step

If you plan to wear stockings on the wedding day, first wear a pair of similar, and then put on the wedding shoes to step on, so as to avoid some of the usual love of sports shoes, the bride is not used to their feet in the thin stockings and wedding shoes friction , thus injuring your own feet.

the fourth step

Put on the wedding shoes and walk on the smooth ground to see if the bottom of the shoes is slippery. If you join a dance class, you can wear it to go to class. If not, dance and dance in it, make sure they fit together when you dance, and don't kick you out.

the fifth step

As most of the traditional wedding highlights are at hotel banquets, and the interior floor of the hotel is very slippery, the non-slip mat is placed on the bottom of the wedding shoes to prevent wrestling during ceremony or banquet. Another way is to sand the soles with sandpaper to increase friction. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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