Zhao Huiqin, director of Qingpu District, Shanghai, came to visit Nooch Company

On the afternoon of June 20, Zhao Weiqin, deputy secretary of Qingpu District CPC Committee and mayor of Shanghai, Chen Dapeng, executive vice president of China National Garment Association, Gu Xiaoli, director of Economic Commission of Qingpu District, Cao Weiming, director of Wen Guang Bureau, and Lu Zufang, general manager of Qingpu Export Processing Zone Leaders and guests came to Shanghai Nuoqi for site visits. Shanghai Norwich general manager Assistant Tang Yuen-cheng welcomed the visiting leaders and received warm welcome. Shanghai Norwich, Assistant General Manager Tang Yuen-long accompanied Mr. Zhao and his entourage to visit the Shanghai Exhibition Hall and introduced Nooch's advanced "SPA" business development model and future development plan. "Based on the fashion culture innovation, Nuoqi strengthens the construction and management of terminal channels and timely obtains market demand information. Through the integration of supplier resources and the management of information supply chain, Nuoqi quickly responds to the market demand and shortens the product supply cycle , Reduce supply chain costs and thus seize the market opportunities.We at a more favorable price for consumers research and development, to provide value for money fashion. "Tang Yuen-chang introduction Road. As a fast-growing enterprise, since Shanghai settled in Shanghai Qingpu Export Processing Zone in 2011, Shanghai Nuoqi has made remarkable progress and development with the care and support of leaders at all levels in Shanghai. In 2012, Shanghai Nuoqi won the " 2012 Top 100 Taxpayers in Qingpu District and Outstanding Management Team of Top 100 Taxpayers in 2012 in Qingpu District. In the future, Nochi will return society with better service and contribute to Shanghai's economic development and employment. Nuoqi advanced commercial development model and modern management methods have been recognized and appreciated by the leaders. Zhao Zuqin, the mayor said: "With the further expansion of industrial upgrading and transformation, the growth of the service industry will have more potential. The establishment of the industry brand , Requires the joint efforts of the government and enterprises, but also need to have such a scale and sense of responsibility as Noci, continue to explore new bright spots for development, to serve the community and achieve the overall improvement of the enterprise itself and the industry. "

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