UNIQLO "with the door" brand GU in August this year - September settled in Shanghai

Uniqlo parent company Japan Fast Marketing Company (9983.T) another action came, there is news that another Fastbook's "fast fashion" brand GU, is scheduled to 2013 ~ 2014 in Japan opening up overseas markets. This fall, the global flagship store "UNIQLO Shanghai Store" is about to open. At the same time, the GU-1 store, which is about 990 square meters in the basement floor, will also open at the same time. At present, although the GU brand is sold in overseas stores of UNIQLO, it is still the first one to launch the franchise store in Shanghai as a single brand. The above message has been affirmed in the GU2013 spring and summer campaign poll report released by the Japanese official website. It is reported that GU will open up overseas markets in the past two years in order to expand the global influence of this brand, and other countries in Asia, including China, Europe and the United States will become the destination for opening their stores. And since the spring of 2009, GU introduced the Japanese market, 990 yen cheap jeans, GU's pricing strategy has been to 990 yen as the benchmark. For this relatively low-end products, there is a view that if access to China, its impacted by the power supplier or larger, and similar domestic brands are rare. However, Xiong Xiaokun believes that, although the lower end has always been good at e-commerce platform, but GU has a brand advantage, and more stylish, high quality assurance.

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