Shenzhen Universiade gift poem Manfin plant fiber underwear

According to the latest news from the media, the 26th Summer Universiade will be held in Shenzhen from August 12 to August 23. This is the third time that China has hosted this event since Beijing Summer Universiade 2001 and Harbin Winter Universiade 2009 Events. Thirteen athletes from more than 180 countries compete for 24 athletics events, of which 22 are Olympics. About 1 million volunteers are involved in this sports event, most of whom are undergraduates in Shenzhen. The holding of such a large-scale event in the world is an excellent opportunity for Shenzhen to go to the world. Shenzhen municipal government will invest huge sums of money for the construction of venues, all kinds of direct or indirect capital investment is expected to more than 180 billion yuan.

At present, there are 125 million college students in all countries in the world and the total scale of various types of higher education in China reaches about 31 million. It can be predicted that this group and their families will constitute the most direct consumer market in the Universiade. On the other hand, sports fans in China have reached 400 million. This part of the population also has a high degree of concern about the World Universiade. Their collective values ​​can not be ignored.

At the same time, Universiade stadium more attractive eye-catching, will be cheerleaders, athletes sense of strength and cheerleading players stunning debut complement each other, will add to the Universiade stadium. The poetry Man fragrance plant fiber underwear cheerleaders clothing strong sponsorship, more Universiade given a new meaning, sports fashion, health and beauty here in the fusion, burst out, revealing.

Shi Manfin plant fiber underwear headquarters Shimanfin Group was founded in Hong Kong in 1994, has an expert-level research and development team, continued innovation in the women's underwear revolution, critically acclaimed. Poem Man Fen, adhere to a brand with its own characteristics of the road, the combination of modern fashion and Chinese culture, let it burst Chinese charm. The poem Man Fen, fit the beauty of traditional Chinese women Xiuwaihuizhong, in the spirit of being highly responsible to consumers, continue to develop humane, fashionable lingerie products, committed to the people-oriented corporate culture, adhere to brand management, and constantly enhance the brand value.

As we all know, the World University Games known as the Little Olympics. Is a grand gathering of modern college students in sports and culture, and also provides university students worldwide with the supreme platform to pursue and experience the Olympic spirit. The Universiade is a comprehensive international sports event for college athletes. It allows Chinese athletes to show their demeanor in world events and make the world attract more attention with Chinese characteristics. This is in line with the combination of modern fashion and Chinese culture advocated by Schmitman, And let its burst of Chinese charm of the promotional features coincide.

Shirley Manfen plant fiber underwear uphold the consumer responsible attitude, so that the concept of health and comfort along with the cheering players in the stadium passionate dance, will never give up, the spirit of hard work passed to everyone. Strength is the only winning weapon to win the market. With the strength of its products, Shima Man-Fen shows the unique business philosophy to consumers. China also tells the world with its own strength: China has the strength to hold world-class large-scale events and China More with strength proved himself an unshakable position in the world.

Shirley Manfen hopes to pass the exemplary role of college athletes as a role model and integrate excellent sportsmanship into the life and study of the vast young student population in China. She is the most beautiful gift of Shenzhen Universiade.

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