Liubian how to achieve social and economic benefits win-win

Exquisite wicker and clay figurines, small Chinese medicine pills, these "kicks" in the eyes of ordinary people are now pregnant with a big market. The traditional cultural handicrafts that have been classified as intangible cultural heritage production protection projects have been added to the national tourist areas in Tianjin. The traditional Chinese medicine production process has promoted the promotion of traditional Chinese medicine culture. How to make more intangible cultural heritage productive protection projects on the road of marketization operation and achieve "win-win" of social and economic benefits? What implications will the market bring to people?

In the ancient cultural street in Tianjin, where people flow, such as weaving, Yangliu Youth Paintings and clay figurines Zhang Caisu as popular tourist souvenirs in scenic spots are favored by Chinese and foreign tourists. Many tourists come here to purchase Tianjin crafts. According to the Yangliu Youth Painting Sales Network, according to the staff, the annual Spring Festival is the peak season for the sale of Yangliu Youth Paintings. Local residents like to use traditional New Year pictures to welcome the Spring Festival or send them to relatives and friends. The New Year pictures are also taken by tourists in all directions. A person from an ancient culture street management company told the reporter that these outstanding traditional cultural crafts have become the key folk consumption items in this national tourist area.

Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Hall recently held the "China Intangible Cultural Heritage Product Protection Protection Achievements Exhibition". The 68-year-old Wang Wenda old man produced Yang Liuqing woodblock New Year pictures purchased by many Beijing residents. He just displayed on the spot and did not bring finished products to sell. The old man kindly said "I hope everyone will go to Tianjin Ancient Culture Street to choose Chinese paintings." The inheritor of the state-level intangible cultural heritage became an "image spokesperson" for Tianjin Crafts and Tianjin Tourism at the scene. At the scene, the reporter saw that some young parents who had children visiting the exhibition even had a “climbing friendship” with Wang Lao and several portrait artists next to him, hoping to learn the arts.

The reporter learned from the exhibition that the organizing committee has carefully selected 188 projects that have achieved remarkable results in the production protection of intangible cultural heritage from the country to participate in the exhibition. The number of participating projects in this city, the scope of popularization, and the promotion of the regional economy, etc. There are still gaps between some provinces and cities. For example, the traditional Liubian in Shandong Province bid farewell to the self-sufficient form of production in the past. The modern form of “distribution companies + distributors + farmers” organized the production, which led to the local 250,000 farmers engaged in Liubian production, in addition to bringing local people's lives In addition to the joyous changes, Linyi Liubian's craftsmanship has also been continuously innovating on the basis of excavation and arrangement of traditional techniques under the drive of productive protection and industrialization, and has played an active role in the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. Under the strong support of the government, the Tongren County in Huangnan Prefecture of Qinghai Province, which is located in the heart of the Wengong culture, has expanded the income channels of the masses through the production, display, sales, and folklore performances of hot art products such as Tangka, clay sculptures, sculptures, etc., and cultivated new ones. The point of economic growth.

"Intangible cultural heritage" is a living treasure. Industry experts stated that the “intangible” productive protection method will increase the income of the inheritors and the local people, increase their enthusiasm for promoting excellent traditional culture and inheritance, and promote cultural consumption, expand employment, improve people’s livelihood, and realize the regional economy. There is no doubt about the positive role played by society in the overall coordination of sustainable development. However, in the productive protection of intangible cultural heritage, it is necessary to hold the bottom line of “manufacturing features”. While doing a good job of productive protection, it is also necessary to prevent intangible productive products from pursuing the high end. Become a luxury.

Zhou Qingshan, a research fellow at the Institute of Cultural Industries of Peking University, believes that all parties should also provide relevant policy guidance and norms, call for government policy protection and financial support, and make scientific and reasonable commercial use. In addition, in view of some experts, although productive protection needs to transform cultural heritage into productive forces, it still requires individuality and diversity, it cannot be over-exploited for short-term economic benefits, and blindly pursues product quantity and economic benefits. In practice, attention is paid to research summaries, and some processes can be given new content and new vitality. "Intangible" productive protection has a long way to go.

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