The 7th Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Exhibition will be held in May 2012

2012 'China International Underwear Cultural Week and the Seventh Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Exhibition press conference held in Beijing. 2012 China International Underwear Culture Week and the 7th Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair will be held in Shenzhen in May.

International Underwear Culture Week Secretary-General Yang Shibin said the second session of China International Culture underwear Week and the Seventh Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair preparatory work is progressing well. Among them, the Cultural Week various heavy activities have been implemented, the home service cultural and creative design contest was officially launched; fashion charity grand ceremony and so on. In addition, the planning of the international brand underwear show, the trend of home-service press conference and more than a dozen brand-specific conference and live show, the Cultural Week will be brilliant, bright spots continue.

In the context of cultural development and prosperity, the underwear industry leaders and leading companies jointly launched the launch of China International Culture Week underwear, is committed to bigger and stronger underwear fashion industry and cultural industries. The underwear show China International Underwear Culture Week adhere to the "promotion of underwear culture, promote the development of the industry" for the purpose, launched a "small underwear, big fashion, big culture," a new concept. With the underwear culture week and the expansion of the scale of exhibition, underwear Culture Week will make every effort to enhance the international level. France ELLE; Italy AC8, Ileana, POMPE; Japan Wacoal; Malaysia PS; Philippines BenchBoDy; Australia O'BRA other well-known underwear brands Qingqing join, together to create the Asia Pacific region and the world's largest and most influential international underwear culture Week and exhibition.

In addition, the size of the local delegation has also greatly improved over the previous session. Private Shop, the largest import underwear brand in Hong Kong, will organize a delegation for the first time. Exhibitors will participate in the exhibition for the first time in Guangdong Nanhai, Zhongshan Xiaolan, Guangdong Puning, Shantou Chendian, Gurao and other underwear centers. In order to ensure the exhibiting effect, the Organizing Committee has increased the invitation of professional visitors, and strive to make more franchisees, agents, shopping malls representatives and professionals visit the show to share the first feast of China's underwear industry.

It is understood that in 2011 the first China International Underwear Culture Week and the 6th Shenzhen brand lingerie show has been a success, has been widely recognized inside and outside the industry and praise. Many well-known domestic and international brand underwear lingerie fashion trends held the event, led the underwear consumer fashion, the dissemination of underwear culture. Cultural Week also held the 36th International Bikini Miss Contest, 2011-2012 Chinese dance clothing line nationwide promotion activities, the love Dai home health lingerie line and other activities spread underwear culture.

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