Star City will bring ECA and other brands to participate in the debut Humen clothing (Wuhan) Trade Fair

March 15 -18 Day 2012 Humen clothing (Wuhan) Fair will be held in Wuhan International Expo Center. Domestic well-known women's brand operating companies: Star City International (Hong Kong) Limited, will also be with many well-known Humen clothing manufacturers exhibitors. The company has booked two booths to showcase its two well-known women's brands, " ECA " and "Garden Street 19".


Star City International (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 1999, after more than 10 years of development, has developed into a larger brand apparel operators. Its creation of "elegant" and "sweet" design style, leading the temporary fashion. Its elegant, personalized exquisite style to meet the urban women intellectual, personality, elegance, fashion, art clothing needs. In recent years, the company entered the fast lane of enterprise development, and its management "ECA" and "Garden Street No. 19" have achieved good market performance in succession and have grown into well-known high-end apparel brands in China.

The "ECA" brand since its listing in 2005, brand awareness increased year by year, hundreds of store system has been all over the country. "ECA" brand advocates "elegant, sophisticated, fashion, intellectual" brand style, to be well-made fabrics, meticulous workmanship, fashion dynamic clothing quality, fully demonstrate the modern city women's "passion, charm, intellectual, fashion," the quality of life. In the future, the development direction of "ECA" brand will change from quantity to qualitative change; to dig up the brand value and culture, boost the marketing and after-sales network, and thus stand out in the market and form a leading domestic and international brand advantage.


"Garden Street 19" brand originated in the network sales, pat, eBay and other key network operators B2C. From the beginning of the end of 07 landing various major B2C website, open in 2009 to join. From the opening to join so far, more than two years, the number of stores reached more than 200. "Garden Street 19," the pursuit of "sweet and romantic charm," clothing style, to reflect the independence of women, "bold, lively" character. Avant-garde mix and match, gorgeous color, price and quality of both brand quality, "Garden Street 19" brand online and offline rapid development factor. Today's "Garden Street 19" has grown from a well-known online brand to become the famous online fashion brand women.

Star City International created a three-dimensional one [that set stores (member stores), online shopping and journals (quarterly, ezine, e-catalog) as a whole. ] Marketing model. In the brand development has developed a "sentimental appeal color" design style. While leading the performance trend, the company constantly adjusts the management structure and strengthens the market maintenance. While improving management, it constantly innovates and constantly adjusts the enterprise mechanism in the rapid development, making the company's advantages in the industry become more and more prominent, The bigger it is.


Today's Star City International (Hong Kong) Limited, in the highly competitive fashion market, visibility gradually higher and greater influence. The company's exhibitors, effectively enhance the Humen clothing (Wuhan) Trade Fair brand depth and capacity, its good market performance, Humen clothing industry is a pretty flower.

Tradition of lighting Birthday Candles on a cake began years ago and even today candle hold its significant and illuminated presence atop birthday cake. Number of birthday candles used on a cake represent the age of a person celebrating his or her birthday. The rule is relaxed for older people who find the idea of one candle per year fussy and childish.

History of Birthday Candles
It is said that the custom of placing candles on a birthday was started by early Greeks who used to place candles on the cake that they offered to Artemis - the Goddess of Moon. Lit candles made their round shape cake glow like the moon. Germans, who perfected themselves in the art of candle-making placed candles on the cake but for religious reasons. They used to place a big candle in the centre of the cake to represent `light of life`. The candle is marked with lines and numbers, usually 12, which would be burned every year.

Scholars also say that the custom of placing candles originated because people believed that Gods lived in the skies. They thought that lit candle helped to send signals and prayers to the god so that they could be answered more effectively. The other belief that people held was when a person makes a wish while blowing out the votive candle a signal or message was received by the god and the prayers would be answered. 

Birthday Candle Traditions and Beliefs
Even today people hold a lot of superstitious beliefs about birthday candles. Person celebrating his or her birthday makes a silent wish while blowing out the candles on the cake. It is said if the person is able to blow out all candles in one breath it signifies that the wish would be answered and that the person would enjoy good luck in coming year. Another superstitious belief is that if a person reveals the birthday wish it does not come true.

Several Latino cultures observe an interesting candle-lighting ceremony on a girl`s 15th birthday called a `Quinceanera`. The religious ceremony is held in a church and marks the girl`s passage into adulthood. In a gesture of recognizing her heritage and her spiritual journey, the young woman lights her parent`s candle with the flame of her own candle. Her parents in turn illuminate the candle of their parents, and so on. 

Birthday Candles Types
Birthday candles are an indispensable part of birthday celebrations. Most commonly used birthday candles are long and cylindrical Taper Candles with a base diameter of (3/16-inch). Taper candles are made by dipping wicks into melted wax, by pouring wax into a mold, and by rolling wax around a wick.

Nowadays birthday candles come in innovative and imaginative designs and styles. Range of candles available in the market is immense for children. Number shaped candles is commonly used to signify the number of years a person has lived. Besides, candles in the shapes of cartoons are very much appreciated. Another interesting birthday candle type is the edible candle made with soybean oil.

Birthday Candles, especially personalized birthday candles are very much in vogue as Birthday gift. Designer aromatic and floating candles make wonderful decorative and help to spread much-desired aura of calm and peace.

Birthday Candle

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