How to make a good customer return visit?

[China Glass Network] Content Description: Returning customers are more and more important in modern marketing. According to different marketing objectives, there are many kinds of customer return visits. The return visits here mainly have cigarette retailers who have registered complaints to conduct a return visit. When improving the customer complaint handling system, tobacco commercial enterprises should organize the establishment of a customer returning group. After processing the customer's complaints, don't stop asking questions. Instead, organize specialized personnel to visit the customers to see if they are satisfied with the customer's handling of the problem. .

Key points and significance of customer return visit

First of all, the return visit to cigarette retailers is an important form of extending customer service. Successful return visits can not only guarantee customer service quality, grasp customer psychological changes, improve customer loyalty satisfaction, enhance customer sentiment, but also from customers. It collects marketing information about markets, products and services, and strengthens its ability to control the market. Return visits are both a practical marketing and an important way to deepen service.

Secondly, conducting a return visit to a retailer with a record of complaints is also an important way to strengthen internal supervision and supervise whether the account manager, customer service center, etc. are doing their best to do their job well. To improve the service, the tobacco should be raised in response to the customer complaint process. We will carry out targeted rectification in the weak links of marketing and service work to improve customer service processes, improve employee enthusiasm and service awareness, improve work efficiency, and carry out personalized services to retailers to safeguard the interests of retailers and safeguard national interests. In principle, we strive to establish a good image of responsible tobacco and honest tobacco.

Return visit is a new starting point for customer visits

The return visit is the continuation of the last customer visit and the starting point of a new round of customer visits. Therefore, it is not a simple process to check the customer's satisfaction with the complaint handling situation. First, the account manager should visit the customer before. The situation is to do a reflection, self-review, find out what is lacking, and improve in time; for example, whether the tasks arranged by the company are completed, whether the promises to the customers are honored, whether the marketing plan is completed, etc.; Unify the work, use the time reasonably, improve the efficiency of visiting customers in the future, return visits to visit customers, have clear goals, know what the goal of returning customers is, how to do it to achieve the goal; secondly, as much as possible In the return visit, collect market information, communicate with others, and selectively communicate the market information, enterprise service information, and tobacco industry enterprises to customers, understand the sales situation and inventory of customers, and help customers to develop subscription plans; Understand the cultivation of cigarette brands in the jurisdiction, ask What feedback does the consumer have? Only by understanding the specific situation of retail sales, can we find problems, guide and sell well; in addition, in returning customers, we should also publicize and explain the laws and regulations and workflow of the tobacco industry to retail. The introduction of the current situation of cigarette sales, brand cultivation strategy, let customers understand the tobacco industry policy and development situation, so that customers from the original misunderstanding into support, understanding of tobacco work, improve customer work for tobacco business enterprises and account managers Support and increase loyalty.

Let customers feel the benefits of returning visits

Returning customers is to improve customer satisfaction. Therefore, customers must be able to appreciate the benefits of returning visits, so that customers do not feel that returning visits are actually taking the form. In this regard, returning customers should be timely, after the customer's complaints are resolved, the tobacco company should arrange for personnel to visit the customer; secondly, if the customer expresses new dissatisfaction and has new suggestions during the return visit, it should promptly report back to the customer service center and solve the problem in time. You can return to the service twice; then there is the extended service in the return visit, and the opportunity to return to the customer to provide some help and guidance to the customer; collecting the opinions and opinions of the retailer on the business enterprise should be an important part of the customer's return visit, for the customer Personalized services are proposed for personalized service, special improvements are made to the general feedback of commonality, and customer cooperation, support and satisfaction are enhanced through new service forms. Returning customers should be as convenient as possible for customers, improve efficiency and save costs. You can call back and return to visit. If you have the conditions, you can open a customer service website and let customers feedback on relevant issues online. In addition, the returning visitors should sum up in time after the return visit to see if the target has been achieved. What is inappropriate in the return visit needs to continue to improve, and timely feedback to the tobacco company on the market market information collected.

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