Warm congratulations on the grand opening of Qingfengdian store

After 51, Ai Shang Le Fashion Women's Store opened, fashion, high-quality women's brand once again expanded, fashion, high-grade beauty of you, add a vitality and taste, congratulate the new store opened, the business is booming, Caiyuan Guang Enter.

At the same time, congratulations to sign a number of customers in April, thanks to the majority of franchisee's favor and grace, Ai music products will be better quality products, better service feedback new and old customers. The rapid development of Ai Lele brand women's fashion franchise chain has benefited from the brand value of Ai Lelepin, the differentiation of products, the fast, fashionable and high-quality Shao-style of Ai Lele Women's Clothing Company, Force less ladies brand. "

The company will adhere to the principle of "high quality and fashion in music, high quality and fashion", endeavoring to create excellent brand quality, so that all those who wear the costumes of Ai Shangle will show extraordinary style and stylish elegance.


Welcome attention to the music ladies fashion brand

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