No rims underwear: the first secret honey into the 2014 Shenzhen underwear show for the first time

2014 Shenzhen underwear show yesterday has officially opened the major underwear brands have entered the Shenzhen underwear show, to bring us an unprecedented visual experience. Appreciation of underwear show at the same time, is also advocating modern urban women should pursue a healthy lifestyle, improve lifestyle taste from the beginning of each piece of underwear. A variety of new underwear and technology integration, with science to prove the true face of healthy underwear.

Although the brand underwear trustworthy, but the emerging rise of underwear brand is endless, the Shenzhen underwear show, the brand new secret honey Dmimi also entered the show, bringing no rims, zero binding, healthy and comfortable brand underwear.


Traditional underwear mostly steel ring to fixed chest type, piercing the chest of perfect straight lines, the first secret honey no steel underwear to create a new era of underwear era, from a steel ring to free steel freedom, is Modern women should pursue the unfettered life.

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